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Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Attorney

Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Attorney

When you have an insurance claims dispute or are facing another legal battle, having the right insurance attorney in Miami on your side will make all the difference. This legal professional can help you receive the payout or the settlement that you rightfully deserve and can take away a lot of the stress, frustration, and errors that could occur when undergoing insurance claims review in Miami or taking on the battle yourself. Before you agree to work with any insurance claim attorney, ask the following questions.

How Can You Help Me?

When you first meet with a potential insurance attorney in Miami, you will discuss your case and what you hope to achieve. He or she can then tell you if you have a solid case or if you have a difficult battle ahead of you. If you do have a potential case, talk to the attorney about the next steps in the process. To resolve claim disputes, there are several possible methods including appraisal, litigation, and mediation. Talk to the attorney about what methods he or she would suggest and why.

What is Your Experience in This Area of the Law?

Some attorneys are very specialized and will only take cases that focus on a certain area of the law. However, others do not have any specialty which gives them a little experience in a vast variety of areas. Talk to the attorney about what he or she has done when working with insurance claims and if they have encountered any cases similar to your own. If so, talk to him or her about the case and what happened, what they would change, etc. The more you know about your lawyer, the more confident you will feel in the case.

What Methods Do You Use to Communicate?

When working with a lawyer, communication is a priority for everyone involved. Lawyers regularly need information, documents, etc., or they may have questions regarding the case and often it is time sensitive. And, as a client, if you do not hear from a lawyer often, it can make you question if any work is being done to complete the case. Talk to one another about your expectations when it comes to the case, how often you wish to hear from one another, and the methods you prefer to be reached or contacted.

What Can I Expect During the Case?

Any legal battle can be a headache — particularly if this is your first one. If you agree to work with the attorney in Miami, ask him or her what you can expect throughout the course of the case. Some information you should inquire about includes:

  1. The projected timeline for the case

  2. The payment schedule and how much the services will cost

  3. If your ideal payout is reasonable

  4. The type of paperwork and documents that will be needed

The right attorney is responsive, understanding, trustworthy, and credible. They will assist you throughout the entire process and be readily available for any questions or concerns you may have. Keep the above items in mind as you make your hiring decisions.

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