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How To Stack The Deck For Getting Your Insurance Payout

How to Stack The Deck For Getting Your Insurance Payout

Many people trying to get money for an insurance claim after a serious accident or situation are quite meticulous in order to try and make their claim as air-tight as possible. They may even go through the effort of hiring Property Insurance Attorneys in Florida to look over your claim to make sure it’s on solid legal ground. With this said, is there anything else you can do to raise your chances of payout? Very much so. Here are some of the different steps you can take.

One thing you want to do when it comes to working with your attorney about insurance claims is being honest with them. In order to minimize how much they pay or try to deny claims outright, insurance companies try to point out areas that may have led to the problem but aren’t covered by your policy. For example, if your gutter fell off in a storm, but you hadn’t cleaned it in years, the company may point this out and say that it was poor maintenance that led to the gutter falling off, therefore, they don’t have to cover it. If there is a situation that may apply similarly to your case, make sure to let your attorney know early on. They may recommend you look at a different path to your claim as well.

Equally important is rigorous documentation when it comes to your claim. Keep track of any sort of bills associated with the claim. For example, if your property was damaged in a hurricane and you needed to make some repairs for it to be liveable again, make sure to keep notes of all relevant costs. If it was a commercial property that was damaged, and you lost money as a result of this, you may want to keep a record of lost income as well. Your attorney will help guide you to what is best to use in court (if it gets that far), but you want to have as much documentation as possible.

In addition, when it comes to communications with the insurance company, you always want to take a measured approach and run any formal responses you make by your attorney first. Letters will be copied and conversations will be recorded, so these could potentially be used against you in court later. Any documents sent to you to be signed should immediately be faxed over to your attorney first before you do so. There may be a hidden clause that you could be agreeing to that could hurt your insurance claim.

Though Insurance Disputes in Miami may slow things down a bit, you can still get the money you need in order to properly recover after your property is damaged or stolen. If your claim is repeatedly denied, you may want to consider either hiring an independent appraiser or even taking legal action against your insurance company to ensure that you get the money you are looking for. We Provide Insurance Attorney in Miami to get a free consulting or Give us a call (786) 224-0705.

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