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How To Dispute Insurance Claim Denial

How To Dispute Insurance Claim Denial

When an insurance claim is denied, you may find yourself struggling to not only make up financially for the payout you thought you would get but also taking a good, hard look at the relationship you have with your insurance company. This is especially frustrating if it happens in a situation where a disaster truly leaves you in dire straits, like a Denial Of Your Hurricane Claim. The good news is that as a homeowner or property owner, you do have the means to take on Insurance Disputes in Miami to try and get the money you think you deserve. Here’s the ideal way you should go through the process in order to ensure success.

As a start, before you reach out to your insurance agent or company, it’s important for you to try and do some research on where things may have gone wrong. A lot of the time, there may have been areas where you could have done a better job of proving how much damage was done. For example, if you’re only showing one or two images of one part of a house, it may be difficult to prove things like wind or storm damage. It’s always better to have too much proof than too little. Take some time to bolster some weak areas before reaching out to your company.

When you do contact your agent, remember that it’s a separate adjuster who made the decision to deny your claim, not the agent themselves or anyone on the other end of the phone. Being courteous and understanding will go a long way in getting you through the process. Follow what guidance they give you before requesting whether or not you can get another appraisal done. While this doesn’t guarantee you will get one, it helps your chances of getting your claim looked at again.

Let’s say despite your added work, the company still refuses to give you that second appraisal of your claim. Your next step is to look into having an independent appraisal done. Private appraisers/insurance adjusters can cost between $200-$500 depending on the distance they have to travel. Make sure it makes financial sense for you to hire one. If it does, when you bring said appraiser on, generally, their findings will either run counter to the insurance company’s claims or confirm it. If there’s a discrepancy between the two sets of findings, you can reach out to your insurance company with the independent appraiser’s claims and use that as proof to get your case re-looked at.

At this point, if you still can’t get any movement in terms of having your claim denial revisited, you may need to consider legal action. Start by reporting any bad practices (if you see any during this process) to your state insurance department. Depending on their investigation, they may suggest you get an attorney or try to resolve the issue in a different way. Due to legal fees, it’s generally best to bring on an attorney if there is $1000 or more in disputed claim money. We Provide Property Insurance Attorneys Florida to get a free consulting or Give us a call (786) 224-0705.

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